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Prove It All Night

I've been working real hard, trying to get my hands clean,

Tonight we'll drive that dusty road from Monroe to Angeline,

To buy you a gold ring and pretty dress of blue,

Baby just one kiss will get these things for you,

A kiss to seal our fate tonight,

A kiss to prove it all night.


Prove it all night,

Girl there's nothing else that we can do,

So prove it all night, prove it all night,

And girl I'll prove it all night for you.

Everybody's got a hunger, a hunger they can't resist,

There's so much that you want, you deserve much more than this,

But if dreams came true, oh, wouldn't that be nice,

But this ain't no dream we're living through tonight,

Girl, you want it, you take it, you pay the price.


Prove it all night, prove it all night girl and call the bluff,

prove it all night, prove it all night and girl,

I prove it all night for your love.

Baby, tie your hair back in a long white bow,

Meet me in the fields out behind the dynamo,

You hear the voices telling you not to go,

They made their choices and they'll never know,

What it means to steal, to cheat, to lie,

What it's like to live and die.



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