Bruce Springsteen

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  • 30 мая 2013 - Piazza Plebiscito, Naples
  • 29 июня 2013 - 93216 Saint-denis La Plaine, La Plaine St Denis  
  • 3 июля 2013 - Route Des Jeunes 16, Geneva    
  • 13 сентября 2013 - Cidade Do Rock, Rio de Janeiro        

Meeting Across The River

Hey, Eddie, can you lend me a few bucks

And tonight can you get us a ride

Gotta make it through the tunnel

Got a meeting with a man on the other side

Hey Eddie, this guy, he's the real thing

So if you want to come along

You gotta promise you won't say anything

'Cause this guy don't dance

And the word's been passed this is our last chance

We gotta stay cool tonight, Eddie

'Cause man, we got ourselves out on that line

And if we blow this one

They ain't gonna be looking for just me this time

And all we gotta do is hold up our end

Here stuff this in your pocket

It'll look like you're carrying a friend

And remember, just don't smile

Change your shirt, 'cause tonight we got style

Well Cherry says she's gonna walk

'Cause she found out I took her radio and hocked it

But Eddie, man, she don't understand

That two grand's practically sitting here in my pocket

And tonight's gonna be everything that I said

And when I walk through that door

I'm just gonna throw that money on the bed

She'll see this time I wasn't just talking

Then I'm gonna go out walking


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