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Maria's Bed

Been on a barbed wire highway 40 days and nights

I ain't complainin', it's my job and it suits me right

I got a sweet soft fever rushin' around my head

I'm gonna sleep tonight in Maria's bed

Got on a dead man suit and smilin' skull ring

Lucky graveyard boots and a song to sing

I keep my heart in my work but trouble's in my head

And I keep my soul in Maria's bed

I been up on sugar mountain, cross the sweet blue seas

I walked the valley of love and tears and mystery

I got run out'a luck and give myself up for dead

And I drank the cool clear waters from Maria's bed

She give me candy stick kisses 'neath a wolf dog moon

One sweet breath and she'll take you mister to the upper room

I was burned by the angels, sold wings of lead

Then I fell in the roses and sweet salvation of Maria's bed

I been out in the desert yeah doin' my time

Searchin' through the dust for fools gold, lookin' for a sign

Holy man said "hold on brother there's a light up ahead"

Ain't nothing like a light that shines on me in Maria's bed

Well I'll take my blessings at the riverhead

I'm living in the light of Maria's bed


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