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  • 30 мая 2013 - Piazza Plebiscito, Naples
  • 29 июня 2013 - 93216 Saint-denis La Plaine, La Plaine St Denis  
  • 3 июля 2013 - Route Des Jeunes 16, Geneva    
  • 13 сентября 2013 - Cidade Do Rock, Rio de Janeiro        

Jackson Cage

Driving home she grabs something to eat

Turns a corner and drives down her street

Into a row of houses she just melts away

Like the scenery in another man's play

Into a house where the blinds are closed

To keep from seeing things she don't wanna know

She pulls the blinds and looks out on the street

The cool of the night takes the edge off the heat

In the Jackson Cage

Down in Jackson Cage

You can try with all your might

But you're reminded every night

That you been judged and handed life

Down in Jackson Cage

Every day ends in wasted motion

Just crossed swords on the killing floor

To settle back is to settle without knowing

The hard edge that you're settling for

Because there's always just one more day

And it's always gonna be that way

Little girl you've been down here so long

I can tell by the way that you move you belong to

The Jackson Cage

Down in Jackson Cage

And it don't matter just what you say

Are you tough enough to play the game they play

Or will you just do your time and fade away

Down into the Jackson Cage

Baby there's nights when I dream of a better world

But I wake up so downhearted girl

I see you feeling so tired and confused

I wonder what it's worth to me or you

Just waiting to see some sun

Never knowing if that day will ever come

Left alone standing out on the street

Till you become the hand that turns the key down in

Jackson Cage

Down in Jackson Cage

Well darlin' can you understand

The way that they will turn a man

Into a stranger to waste away


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